External Audio support

Hi All,

I personally (and I can’t speak for others) would love to see a way for Infuse to “source” or play external audio tracks that are sepearate to the video stream.

I dont know if this is something that is “Infuse side” or PLEX side. Reason why is that with 4k media (HDR10, Dolby Vision etc) starting to take off, and in particular Dolby Vision (DV), mkv and other containers can ONLY support DV if audio is remuxed into 5.1 then video and audio can be played together as one file.

Now if anyone reading this knows when you rip a 4k disk, you get (99% of the time) an ATMOS or DTS-HD audio track - 9.1.2. I would love to be able to play these in a similar manner to the way external subtitles are played, ie have a folder with your movie name, and have the video and audio separate.

Excuse the long ramble and if this is already a feature, I apologise!



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