External and local access to the same share


I have a lot of movies and series on my own Synology NAS. To have access to them wherever I am, I have configured access to the storage through an external (static) IP and the NFS protocol.

The problem is that when I have internet problems at home, I can’t access my library over the local network. I have to add an alternative source to Infuse using a local IP, and this leads to duplication of the entire library.

So I have one of the options:

  1. Set up access through an external IP, but then there is no access without an Internet.
  2. Set up access through a local IP, but then there is no access from outside the house.
  3. Set up both external and local access in parallel, but then I have the entire library duplicated.

Maybe I missed something, but is there any way to let Infuse know that this is the same share with alternative access methods?

I was able to solve my problem by using a local DNS server… Now inside a local network NAS domain points to the local IP address. Not the easiest solution, but provides what I required.

This is something we may add better support for in a future update, and you can follow this thread.

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