Extended Start Up Time

Hey James, still having a strange thing on Infuse start up. It happened on Big Sur and I just updated to Monterey and it’s still happening.

When I launch Infuse it opens the Window with the Infuse logo in the center and stays there for 6 to 10 minutes before the Infuse logo gets replaced by the big rotating circle showing something is happening. Before the circle during the Infuse logo screen there is no prefs option in the menu so I can’t send a report while there. As soon as the spinning circle goes away and I get the favs and lists (with the small spinner in the top right) I can then get prefs from the menu bar.

I sent a new diagnostic code this time from Monterey. 2TYTT

I think you still have the first one with Big Sur so maybe we can figure out why it takes 6 to 10 minutes to show some progress on launch.

This doesn’t happen every time but usually after quitting Infuse and the Mac going to sleep. Upon waking and trying to launch Infuse this occurs.

Just an update.

Woke iMac and launched Infuse at 3:16:20 PM got this screen

This screen stayed up until 3:26:08 PM then changed to this screen

This stayed until 3:31:54 PM when it started to load the home screen.

Sent diagnostics again 7Y5SK

Over 15 minutes to get to a usable state on a 2017 i5 iMac

My 2014 iMac on Big Sur loaded fairly quickly. Did you delete and rebuild?

Multiple times.

After it goes through this cycle it may load quickly for a few times and then when I go back to it after a day or two it does this again.

Next step is to sacrifice a chicken on the keyboard. :chicken: :keyboard:

Are you on apfs or hfs?

7.3 has a few improvements in this area. Please give it a try and see how it goes.


Launched at 10:24:30 PM got splash screen

Stayed on splash screen until 10:31:35 then got the Files screen.

Went to the Library setting finished fetching 10:34:12 and started iCloud sync.
Finished iCloud sync around 10:50

Quit and restarted, got logo screen for about 5 to 10 seconds. Sent diagnostics.

Will wait a day or so and recheck.

Applied the most recent update for macOS to 12.1

After restart, launched Infuse at 1:14:25 got Logo screen.

Kept logo screen until 1:21:20 when I got the Home screen.

Went to prefs > Library, was syncing to iCloud until 1:22:05 when I got the “Last Updated…” message.

Sent Diagnostics ESMZX

7.3.1 has a few changes aimed at optimizing startup times with large iCloud libraries.

This should help with what’s going on here.

After the update it only stayed on the logo screen for less than 15 seconds and then went to the rotating wheel screen for about a minute. Then it got the home screen and full menus available. It did take about 15 to 20 minutes for it to complete the first scan of the nas, fetch lists, and icloud sync. It went through the scan, fetch, sync routine 2 or 3 times afterward also.

Will let it settle for a couple of days and see if the start up is going to play nice. :wink:

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