Extended dolby vision

what does extended dolby vision do? enhance picture quality or something?

Though it is detailed in the link that @NC_Bullseye provided, in essence…

Limited is the best option for most. It will only play the DV metadata if the file supports it. If not it will fall back to HDR.

Auto will force the TV into Dolby Vision mode even for a file that isn’t supported. It will still only actually be playing the HDR metadata though. (Often termed as Fake DV.)

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I’ve noticed an option “enhanced Dolby vision” in the settings menu. What is it for?


Different behaviour for different Dolby Vision profile 8 video.

The best setting for most is limited.
Dolby Vision when possible and HDR fallback if not.

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My TV is always in DV mode as thats a setting on the appleTV, I dont tell it to swap in/out of settings, seems pointless and even if its “fake” its still doing the same HDR mapping lol just using the higher brightness and color profile associated with DV, so the colors are actually better, so I wouldnt say “limited” is better, maybe YOU think it is.

Or maybe YOU think they are?:joy:

And I guess you missed this part
The best setting for MOST is limited.

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