Extended display on IpadOS & Infuse

Hello, i have an iPad Pro 12.9 (5th gen) with iPadOS 17.0.2 and Infuse 7.6.1. I use the iPad with an external 24” 1080p Dell monitor in extended display mode (not mirror).
The problem is that at least from the latest versions on iPadOS 16 and continues on 17, when i want to play a video in Infuse, with the app on the iPad screen, it opens the movie on the external Dell monitor. If i open Infuse on the external monitor still plays on the external monitor but its kinda broken as once the movie started i cannot control it anymore from gui.
The 2 big issues i have with this behaviour are that i have 2 screens to multitask, not to fill both with a single app and if i want to watch a movie on my iPad i prefer the iPad screen, as it supports HDR.
I understand that maybe some people would want to use the bigger screen for entertainment, but it should be an option, not the default. Also i would prefer to have Infuse on the single screen as its the normal behaviour without an external monitor connected.
And i hope it is not a direction pushed by Apple.

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