Extend Hide Spoilers to items in ‘Other' category

I regularly download sports events e.g. F1 races or rugby games. Sometimes the thumbnail shows or gives clear clues as to the winner of that event. Is there a way to not show thumbnails for a particular library?

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Have you tried the “Hide Spoilers” option?

Yes, the thumbnails are still there . The only change is that any text is blurred e.g a synopsis of a tv episode.

What device are you using Infuse on?

AppleTV 4K

Are these videos categorized as TV shows or ‘Other’?

This is what things should look like if you have Hide Spoilers enabled.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to hide generated thumbnails for Other videos.

Yes, that is what I see for TV shows. The files in question are categorized as Other.

Thanks, I guess I have to live with it.

I have the same problem and I’d rather not live with it.

Since Infuse already supports what is needed, i.e. blurring thumbnails, maybe users could choose which categories to blur thumbnails on. What do you think @james? Could this be an option?

fyi: in my case it’s also “Others”.

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The OTHERS category contains whatever Infuse was not able to identify at TMDB — and since sports and other live TV events such as Formula 1 races are not allowed to be indexed at TMDB, Infuse will never recognize these and they will always be left in the OTHERS category.

One thing you can do is not include that sort of content in Infuse’s library. I’ll store my F1 races in a folder outside of those indexed by Infuse; and just navigate to the folder using list-view where the thumbnails are really tiny (if spoilers were an issue). Where I’ve been getting my races in 2023 the thumbnails all show a frame including the pre-race titles (Grand Prix name and upcoming stage of the event: Qualifying; Sprint Shootout, Race, etc.).

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Thanks a lot, you pointed me into the right direction. The thumbnails actually had the same size on the Apple TV but when adding the folder as separate SMB share (from the Mac) and select “Local Metadata” the thumbnail just shows the first frame instead of some seemingly random one as before. No harm in seeing the first frame :slight_smile:

Again, thanks a lot!

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Happy to help!