ext HD Movie DB suggestion for new user

Hi All,
i m new here, new owner of an atv and new user of ATV flash.
Ok, so, im after some suggestions for what i want to do. I would like to archive all my dvd’s so i can access them from my atv. I dont want to convert them to mp4 and run thm through itunes, because i think I will be about 70 years old by the time i finish running them all through handbrake, hence the atv flash purchase.

In a nutshell:

  • video_ts folders, (straight rip in other word.)
  • kept on an external HD (probably about 2TB, suggestions for brand are also welcome)
  • either plug straight into ATV or into my Mac and network data to Atv

Now here is the important part…

  • have all the movie covers appear on my screen with the name, cast desc etc. (as it would if the movie was in iTunes and i entered those details)

what is my best plan of attack (if any at all)

thanks in advance


Your best option will be to use Sapphire. This will allow you to automatically download metadata and cover art for your movie files whether they are stored on a directly attached USB drive or being streamed over the network.

More info here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Media

Hi Max,

thanks, ill gve it a go tonight.



hi Max,

I had a quick look last night. I cant seem to find any documentation on setting up saphire to stream media. I have managed to stream it through NitoTV, but not in saphire. It sounds like i am asking sular Question to Thelma in the other thread, so i will keep an eye there for your response aswell.


Once a Share Point is setup through nitoTV that share point can be utilized by all apps (nitoTV, Sapphire, XBMC etc) on the AppleTV. The share will be visible through the Media --> Collections menu.