Explain différence with 4.3 and 5.2 version ?

Explain différence with 4.3 and 5.2 version ?

I use 4.3 Pro with my 2 atv4 (tvOS)
For me it’s perfect.

What interest to buy 5.2 Pro ?

Another question :
It’s possible to sync 2 Apple TV ?

Infuse 5 includes many new features that are not available in v4, and a complete list of changes can be found here. Infuse Release Notes | Firecore

One of these features is iCloud syncing, which will keep your shares, favorites, metadata corrections, playback settings, and Up Next list in sync between all devices.

for the person have already paid Infuse Pro 4 there are some reduction ?

There was a 30% off promo that ran through the end of 2016, but unfortunately that is no longer available. Sorry. :frowning: