Experience with Google Drive and Infuse?

Has anyone succesfully uploaded a movie from Google Drive to Infuse? I uploaded a 700MB file to Google-Drive. But when I select ‘save on device’ on the iPad it never seems to finish. Google-Drive gives no indication of how far the filetransfer has progressed and every time the app is restarted it seems to start all over again. There is enough space on the iPad to save the file and the internetconnection is 90 Mbit/s so it should work right?

Was anyone able to make it work?

I think that there is a limit on the amount of space GoogleDrive will use on the iPad for saving files and it is much less that a typical video file. Large files exceed this limit and thus end up always being downloaded every time you try and use them. This means that GoogleDrive is not really a good solution for such files as a way of transferring them to the iPad. I could be wrong about this limit. but that is my experience.

The only real solution is to transfer the files directly to infuse as infuse definitely does not have such a limit and is happy to store files locally on the iPad as long as there is enough free space to do so.