Expandable Storage + iPad

I can’t find a search function, maybe because I’m on mobile, but I have a 2018 iPad and I’m curious about expandable storage.

I travel on quick 3-4 day trips and I load my 32gb iPad up with as many tv shows and movies as I can, but I typically run out of room pretty quick.

Which expandable storage options are fully compatible with iOS? Will infuse be able to access the files directly off the device?

More info: I do not have a laptop, only a desktop. I thought about getting a Surface Pro but it’s really not as versatile as the iPad, and I have not found another media player that I like as much as Infuse.

I am entertaining the idea of getting a new iPad Pro, but I’d rather not drop the dime if I don’t have too, and even if I do this question still pertains.

I did buy a Fire HD10 Tablet and loaded up a 256gb SD card with a ton of stuff but if you’ve used one you might understand how frustrating these android tablets are. It’s going back in the mail when I return from this trip.

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If your iPad has a Lightning port (not USB-C), you can use the SanDisk iXpand drive to get additional storage.

iXpand integrates seamlessly with Infuse, and you’ll be able to access files directly from the drive without having to transfer them or use other apps.

Welcome to the forum! As a side note, the search is at the very top of the forum pages on the right hand side when your logged into the forum. :slight_smile:

I created an account to post this question and saw the search bar afterwards! Thanks for all the help.

One more question, has anyone had success using a lightning splitter to access the ixpand and charge at the same time?

If it’s an MFi certified splitter it should work. You’d probably have a better response if posted here https://forums.sandisk.com/t5/SanDisk-iXpand/bd-p/iXpand

Any chance of adding support for the RAVPower iPlugmate Lightning/USB storage device? The vendor supplied app for it works fine but it’d be nice to be able to use Infuse 6 Pro instead :slight_smile:

Is there any visibility in to whether iOS will allow apps (like Infuse) to access USB-C storage on the new iPad Pros, similar to how they’ve done with Lightning? Then Infuse could support USB-C drives directly, like they’ve done with iXpand.

Currently, any external storage devices will need to be approved as part of the MFi program. Also, in order for approved devices to be accessed, each app will need to integrate a special SDK and be whitelisted by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, most small manufactures who make these devices don’t have development programs set up for apps like Infuse to integrate with, so you are limited to using the manufacturer’s own app to use these drives.

AFAIK, there are currently no MFi approved USB-C devices, but I expect that to change in the coming months as USB-C becomes more widespread.

Wow. So Sandisk (https://www.sandisk.com/home/mobile-device-storage/ultra-usb-type-c) would have to whitelist Infuse specifically? And Infuse would have to incorporate a special SDK for Sandisk? Or a special SDK from Apple that would work with all external storage?

Yes, Infuse is currently whitelisted for SanDisk iXpand drives.

It seems likely that they will release a USB-C version that is MFi certified at some point, and once they do we’ll be able to integrate it into Infuse.

When you select files form a USB device through the document picker, do you have to pick each file one by one or is it possible to select the entire drive and infuse scans it and adds all files to its library?

What happens if you try to play an item while the drive is not plugged in?

any chance the new iKlips C will be added this is MFi-certified for USB C and Lightining ?

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