expand XBMC window

Using aTVFlash 3.4.2 and aTV 2.2.

I just recently purchased aTVFlash for my Apple TV and generally I am quite pleased. Except for one thing when I start up XBMC it displays in a window which is quite small displayed on my 42" plasma.

My question is how (and can I) enlarge the window?

I have same issue on 3.4.1

Go to Settings > Appearance > Screen. Change the Resolution to 1280x720 (I think.) That should fix the “window” issue. Also, if the video goes off the screen as it does on my Sony CRT HDTV, then go to the Calibration… menu and make sure the lines all fit in the screen.

I should have posted this update earlier but do so now in the hope that it will be of aid to others. Went back home and after a little experimenting found the solution.

Start XBMC

select Configure the System

then go to Appearance/Screen/Resolution

left click on your apple remote to select the menu items

for my case (42 inch Phillips Plasma) I found that selecting 1280 x 1080 worked the best but it was not perfect.

Then navigate back to Appearance. Select Look and Feel and then Skin

Left click to select the menu items and set the zoom to either up or down to fit the XBMC screen perfectly on your screen. In my case a setting of -6% worked perfectly.

This is for the Altantis bf1 version.

Works beautifully and much prefer it to the standard AppleTV or even Boxee screen display. Really makes the others look kinda stodgy.

Now on to the task of getting the SMB shares set properly so I can back up the HD’s I have attached to the AppleTV unit.