Expand the number of shows in "Recently Added” list


Any update about this?

How many years and versions of Infuse are needed to implement it?

Follow the same just for samples 3 or 4 series more than 50 added only because they are full seasons.

Or just show a few 100 movies I’ve included.

It’s amazing that this isn’t implementing yet.

It’s basic in any App and they can’t implement it in Infuse.

I repeat amazing.

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@james : James, please respond so that we can understand what is going on with this basic feature that many programs have. Of course, we are here to test it and help you finalize it.

Currently, my kids are forced to go through Plex on the AppleTV to browse newly added series, before coming back to Infuse. It’s quite a crazy situation when you know what Infuse is capable of doing and playing.

Thank you in advance for not leaving this request unanswered.

If I was to make an educated guess I think infuse has only one main developer hence why it takes forever to get any basic features implemented.

It’s very basic. Any program even one free will have the recently added option with the total library in the order added.

Plex, Jellyfin, DSvideo, Kodi, VLC renowned TMM etc.

This is an option that is asked from the beginning and I think Appletv 2 had it not been remembered wrong.

It is frustrating to go to DSvideo (Synology) to search for the title and to infuse :man_facepalming:t2:

I add new chapters every day but if I add a full season, I just show me a newly added one episode series.

You can see my catches up.

I don’t understand why not adding it is nothing complicated I programmed other things and this is nothing is like drinking water.

That’s why I don’t understand.

Plus, a lot of people ask for it.

It’s very comfortable going to DSvideo plex jellyfin and see the order recently added without any problem.
PD:Sorry use Translator.

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Any progress or a new dateline to expand the number of shows or movies in the « Recent » categories ?

Note this thread is tagged “in-progress”

All your answers are here. :wink:

Not long now…


In progress? :joy: @james @NC_Bullseye

It’s frustrating for years with this, I climb a capture today only shows 7 series of about 40 new chapters of other series.

I repeat it frustrating, but you’ve already lost it.

I don’t think they’ll implement it someday I don’t think so.

It’s better to forget it and erase the thread.

I don’t know if I laugh it says that in June, and this post started in June two years ago, but I already asked for it four years or more.

Incredible step catches today has given me for this.

We’ll see how much expands they would defer to put everything in that order not to expand.

If you expand to 10 more, it won’t work out.

Today’s 7.4 update features expanded TV show lists.

Now, instead of being limited to 30 most recent episodes, you will be able to see the 30 most recent series…which can contain hundreds or thousands of episodes.


I mean, I don’t know the limit, the limit is still on.

And in the movies?

The common option of all apps is to see “recently added” as a way to visualize all content as when you put alphabetically ordering.


While I’d also prefer to expand the number of titles made available in my “Recently Added Movies” row beyond 30 … If you need or prefer your entire library sorted by date added, you can change the global setting in Settings / General / Sort Order to “Date”.

That option doesn’t work using the film date or series not the date and time you’ve added, which may be a 1990 film.

Or at least expanding to 100 instead of 30 would be better

There are two date sorts. One is “Release Date” (i.e. 1990) and the other is simply “Date” (the file-modified date, i.e. last Thursday).

If but it doesn’t work, the best option is the newly added option, shows it at a glance and only the modification order.

It’s the option that works but only 30 films.

Today I added 140 chapters and only show 30 others I have to look for them because I don’t remember what they were.

I look at Plex and DSvideo and go back to Infuse.

You should go up to 100 minimum.

You can try it yourself but you have to have a very big library to see it.

You will see that you can only set it by date and do not show the order of “ recently added” the one I can do most if it is by the opening date but always shows the same ones will not show you how new it enters today why from the end of the back.

This happens from the first versions only worked on Appletv 2 there is if it showed everything in order of “recently added” pity that was lost along the way.

But no problem I remember it every year so you don’t forget.

After 6 years something has been achieved only in “Series” is an achievement.

It may be the language barrier but I’m trying to understand what you’re seeing, what is a “chapter”?

Use Translator sorry

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