Expand the number of shows in "Recently Added” list

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I don’t understand you.

That day I added about 20 new chapters of different series.

But also full seasons of those series.

It seems Infuse shows only a small amount and as a season they have many chapters, exceeds the amount of Infuse and shows only three series of the 20 added.

In “recently added” in the Plex or Jellyfin clients, it shows me all the series I have recently added all the content in that order.

In Infuse at the time I put a full season or two, it no longer shows any more chapter in “Recently added.”

I’ve put more than 60 chapters today, but it only shows me 16 new entries.

And I can’t know what new added because there’s no order added recently.

If it exists but only shows me 16 the maxim is 30 but as there are many chapters of the same series it accounts and is not shown.

To see what new I have to look for in Plex or in Dsvideo there is I see everything added recently for years.

I go back to Infuse and play it but I do search it in the search engine because it’s the only way to find it.

1-Plex or Dsvideo Or Jallyfin
2-Point the name of the chapter.
4-magnifying and searching capitulated

This was another day only 10!

That’s why I’m looking forward to that function.

This I am referring to recently added in DSvideo is infinite all in that order.

If they can’t put more than 30 at least 100.

Sometimes I put a full series of 60 episodes in and it just shows me one of the others no.

New version persists the problem “Recent Added”

I only get 13 of over 60 added today.

The films the same problem of 50 only 30 appears.


This thread is marked as “planned”. You can check in the upcoming features thread for the most up to date info on new features planned releases.

This is what I mean by “Recently added”
Only 10 series appears and I’ve put more than 100 Episodes!

My kids call me daddy where the series are!

Moved your post here.

As you can see, this thread is tagged as ‘Planned’.

Nobody looks at it here and years go by without any solution to the problem.

If you read old post the request is with each new version.

In Infuse 8Pro we’re opening a new one. :sweat_smile:

Great to see that this is planned. Any chance you could include this on the Upcoming Features page? Just want to have an idea of when we might expect it.

I don’t think they are going to add any “planned” items to the schedule. Once it gets moved to “in-progress” it might. But don’t expect it to come next week or month.

“Recently added”

The display of “Newly added” has not yet been solved.

It only shows the last added if the new is a full season of a series plus loose chapters of other series.

It’s just gonna show the show that has the whole season, the rest won’t show.

Because it has a limit, I don’t know if it’s 10 files added or more.

Other programs like Plex or Jellyfin show you everything but in order of added.

Or at least increase the content of “recently added” to 100 files, so it could show the full season and the rest.

In movies, the same thing shows only a small amount.

Whenever I add new content, I have to see it in plex or jellyfin and then go back to Infuse to visualize it.

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The recently added list can display a maximum of 30 videos.
When you add full seasons each episode counts as part of the 30 so if you add more than 30 episodes of a series then you will only see the 30 most recent.

If you add a season that has over thirty episodes then you will only see the one season poster in recently added and when you click on it you’ll only see the most recently added episodes.

You have a thread in the suggestions forum requesting that this be increased from 30.

Also don’t forget that Infuse uses the created/last modified date for the order in the recently added.

If you want this changed you can add your support here by liking the first post.

If I have already mentioned it and as I have seen since then, there are variations of updates.

I thought they had solved it or extended to more at least 100 or the whole content.

Because if you use the choice to see by date, it shows the date of the film/series not the day I put it on.

I know it’s easy to add it, you should just extend the limit or show the total but on that date, they are amended or added.

Thank you.

Your welcome!

We continue the same with the same error “recently added” does not show if you add a complete season it only shows you in “recently added” a one serie, Just one.

It is frustrating when everyone shows that season and the following added Jellyfin, Plex, Dsvideo etc. adolutely all.

Which implies that it is normal and not difficult to implement.

Not only recently added is limited to 30. Also “all films” is limited to 30 on TVOS.
This is really annoying.
Why can’t you change that?
Strange, that I am the only one, that is complaining…

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I’ve been saying it for years!

They don’t listen to me. It’s horrible.

And in frustrating series because I add a full season and in “Just add me in” there’s only a series shows me no more because that season has 30 chapters.


But if they don’t fix it in years, they won’t ever do it.

I’m using other alternatives and it’s a joy to see everything I’ve recently added to that order.

@james any word on this since it’s been over a year since this was posted? Seems like this could be one of the easier suggestion we could solve and remove from the long list of. Or is there something under the hood that’s making this seemingly simple suggestion a feat? I literally added over 10 new shows today and it’s only showing two.

No. Any update @james, please ? It’s very frustrating to have only the 30 lastest. On Plex app, no limit on Movies or TVShows.