Exit ISO file?

Hi there,

I have been wondering how I should exit an ISO file when playing it back in media player?

>Long press of menu -> exits to DVD menu
>Long press of enter -> shows chapter / subtitles / audio tracks menu
>Long/short press of play -> Pauses movie
>Up/down -> shows chapter markers
>Left/right -> FFW/FRW

So is there a way other than unplugging the appletv or using FFW to get to the end of the movie? 

Most .iso files bring up the DVD menu when you press the Menu button, and pressing Menu from there exits the .iso. For the rare ones that do not work like this (ones hat do othave a DVD menu in most cases) I hold down the OK button to get to the chapter list; select the last chapter; and FF from their to exit by getting to the end.

I have been having issues with this, it is a pain because lots of iso’s don’t have a menu. If you need a tethered jailbreak to run AirPlay, last thing you want is to reboot!

Before seeing this thread I also posted a bug report. I hope it’s being investigated. I did not see an issue with xbmc on this.