Exit DFU in ATV 2G

Is there a way to exit DFU mode in ATV 2G?

I have this problem: I have a brand new ATV 2G with 4.0 FW. I have started jailbreaking but after I put the ATV in DFU mode, iTunes says that cannot install the 4.1 fw because I'm not eligible (I've already read the other threads about this)...

Since I've never saved SHSH, I cannot use tinyumbrella tool to make itunes work and moreover, in DFU mode, the SHSH save command doesn't work...

The ATV is stuck in DFU and even if I unplug it for minutes from usb or power, every time I attach it to a PC or a Mac, it's recognized as in DFU mode!

What should I do in this situation? I am obliged to run an automatic upgrade in itunes (if this works...) to have it back to life (but with "bad" FW)?

I have the exact same problem and i'm stuck! I'll try to restore by the automatic update.

Yes, I think it's the only solution to have it back working.. I hope because I've never tried! If the jailbreak for last firmware will be available soon as promised, you can update and try to hack with last version of atv flash...



Ok if you want to go back just restore with Itunes
Without choosing a custom firmware . I tried it and it simply works.

Ok, finally I did it. :( Just because I was afraid to be not able to install 4.2 through iTunes, now that 4.2.1 is out! Fortunately 4.2 is still "open" for iTunes, I chose 4.2 file manually and got it installed correctly. Then I saved my SHSH immediately (if this is useful for future)! So, precious lesson: never put ATV in DFU mode if you have not saved SHSH for that version previously!

I had no problem and i did not saved my SHSH... The problem is that i'm stuck with 4.2 -.- is there any jailbreak out for that version now ? I heard that 4.2 jailbreak was out but in BETA ? Is it only for iphone and ipods ?

i am stuck in dfu mode and i was running 4.2 before i attempted to jailbreak the device. I dont know what to do. How do i get my atv 2 out of dfu mode? i have tried numerous restores to get back to the factory settings and i have been unsuccessful.