Excluding extras?

I have a lot of tv shows with ripped dvd extras, and the extras are polluting my Movies library. Is there any way to exclude them from indexing, or have them included along with the TV show but under some sort of “unscanned extras” category? Most of them aren’t on TheTVDB.

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I suggest try adding S00E00 in the filename where you usually have a series/episode number for TV episodes.

Season 0 is used to hold “specials”, and there shouldn’t be an episode 0 (so it will be unmatched). This will at least make Infuse think they are TV related rather than Movies; they will end up in the Others category of the Library (but at least they will no longer be in your Movies category).

There’s a thread running in the “Suggestions” forum here Extra Movie features that discusses a similar request you can add your support to.

I’d be keen for the ability to have an Extras folder under a TV Show for content that is not recognised under Specials (S00EXX).

I think if you put them in a folder called “Extras” it might get ignored. Don’t remember what level and if that is for movies or shows or both. Worth a shot. Might be able to search the forum too.

Tried that. It only works for Movies.