Excluding directories/folders

It would be appreciated if you could exclude directories like Kodi like this:


7 Excluding directories/folders Kodi can exclude certain directories from the library all together using a few different methods. Use the "Exclude folder from scans" option when the content type is set to "none" Place a file (even an empty one) named .nomedia in the directory you want to exclude. Note: Windows users should name the file .nomedia. which will trick Windows into using the proper .nomedia name. Folders with -trailer or sample in the name will be automatically skipped. For the exact pattern match, see here. Users can also add additional patterns to be excluded by using the advancedsettings.xml tag

Or just put all the media you dont want scanned in their own folder and not add them to the library … seems so much less convoluted then this.

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How can i exlude subdirectory of series? like trailers, preview, make of…
You say i must remove from original folder of film/series?

Nice solution, really…

Just curious, but if you don’t want trailers, previews, and other meta media like that displayed, why even have them? You’re clearly not going to use them, and you’re trying to ensure that they are never shown, so why even hold on to that stuff? They effectively has no use to you.

I’m with the other guy. Your suggestion is way too much. I don’t want software inundated with all these knobs and dials, or for it to be bogged down by all variety of niche filesystem naming conventions that will slow down what is already a slow scanning process.

Exactly. Who keeps trailers and why keep them if you dont to view them? If he wanted to hide p0rn that would at least be a respectable answer.

Kodi turned into such a stream pile of *** there is nothing to copy from that project.

For me. I am seeding the entire folder in PT. And that is why I can not just delete them.

Being able to exclude folders based on either name or, preferably, a file present in the folder would be a very welcome and useful feature.

I supplement my LibreELEC on an Intel NUC with Infuse Pro on an AppleTV 4K, as the NUC cannot handle 4K HDR (OTOH, the NUC can handle Dolby Atmos, which the AppleTV 4K cannot, yet). Kodi, via an add-on, supports extra material, such as behind the scenes, making of, etc, stored in an Extras folder in the individual movie’s folder. To prevent Kodi from scanning the folder, a hidden, empty file named .nomedia is placed in the Extras folder. The extra material is available as an option on the movie, when it is present.

Checking whether a .nomedia file is present in a folder and then ignoring the files present would not clutter up the Infuse Pro interface, would not detract from the average user experience (because you would not have such a file in a folder, unless you desired the functionality), and would clean up the movie listing in Infuse Pro something wonderful for those of us, who would like the occasional access to such extra material (as you would still be able to navigate to that folder in Infuse Pro, should you so desire).

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Me too.
For different reasons (different TV, different programs) I use both Kodi and Infuse.
I did not think it was an illogical request.

+1 for this request

I think the solution with a specifically named file in the folders to be excluded from the scanning would be the most elegant one.

This option is not only available in Kodi but also in Emby where you just need to place a file named .ignore in your directories of choice.

Folders with -trailer or sample in the name will be automatically skipped.

this will save my day if possible.

Still no chance for this feature?

I have found a solution through Plex, which is now supported as a data source by Infuse. Plex can, as Kodi described above, be told to ignore certain directories. In the case of Plex, such directories must contain an empty file called .plexignore (similar to the .nomedia of Kodi).
Adding these files gives me precisely the behaviour I sought.

thank you for your suggestion.
But plex is not the solution.
Plex requires a server and video transcoding, my nas (a bit old) does not allow me to correctly view 4k hdr video with plex.
Being able to exclude folders would remain the simplest and quickest choice.

But I see no desire on the part of the developer to improve this problem.
(T_T )

Infuse does, in my experience, not request bitrate reduced versions from Plex: the full quality is used, and thus there is no extra load on the NAS (I use a Synology DS1815+ myself).

i read plex forum and i found this

I have a Synology ds216j.
If I play a plex movie I see a worse quality and Synology gets very hot.

This has been added in the 6.1.1 update, which will be available in the next few days.

More info on the available options can be found here.

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