Exclude "Semen, a Love Sample"

In my library there are many “sample.mkv” files, which all get recognised as “Semen, a Love Sample”.

In such a high quality, professional software like Infuse it’s just really puzzling how can this be not excluded. I’ve searched the forum for “semen”, and there have been reports about this exact movie, since 2012.

Please, make a hardcoded exclude for this one!

Have you tried doing an edit metadata and selecting “local”?

There are dozens of these files, and they’ll keep re-appearing. If I remove one the other ones would appear, I guess.

I didn’t say remove the file, I said do a edit metadata and select local. That may fix all of them.

I’ll have a look next time it appears.

How do you have these named?

I suppose we could add a simple exception for files named ‘sample.mkv’ or blacklist that specific title on TMDB (since I doubt many people have that in their collections). Just think this shouldn’t get too far reaching in case a real movie or show with the word ‘sample’ in the title gets released in the future.

FWIW, it looks like the top result on TMDB today is a different title, so this is what Infuse should pull (at least at this moment in time).

This one was called !sample.mkv.

From what I see the most common way is to have a folder called “sample”.
The second most common is “movie-name.sample.mkv” or the same with dash or underscore.

I think these two would cover most cases.

Filtering by filename definitely seems like a better idea, today !sample.mkv goes to