Exclude directories from last added / watching.


is any chance to exclude directories from last added / watching feature in Infuse main screen and aTV homescreen too? It is because of adult and personal content.


Yes, you can exclude items from Infuse’s library by following these steps.

  1. Add the folder(s) you wish to exclude as Favorites via Settings > Shares
  2. Uncheck these newly added Favorites from Settings > Library
  3. Items in these folders will only be accessible when browsing via folders.

Additionally, you can choose which content is displayed in the Up Next List by adjusting the Up Next List option in Settings.

Thanks for asnwer, but I donst use library. I have as favorite directory named “Personal”, where I have other videos and directories and in few of directories, that are “hard to find” I have videos, that are only for my. This directories I want to exclude from last viewed/last added, or so. Simply, that files will be viewable only, when somene know, where files can find.

I dont understand, why I still hope, that Firecore something solve. Years I writeing to Firecore, but answers are “not supported”,“in future”, or so. Still want my money, still changing licencing model for next money, but still same answers “not supported”, “in future”, ot simply ignoring questions. But after years, nothing was changed.

Have you thought about disabling the Up Next list? This would prevent any content from appearing in the Watching and Recently Added lists on the home screen.

Any option to adjust what appears in the Up Next list, or disable it completely can be found in Settings.

This is other problem, that I wrote. I asking for disable only selected directories/subdirectories, not completly disable that function (now I have disabled it), or changing to only new/watched. Something like add to folder file folder.ini and in XML I can disable that folder for Up Nex List.

James I want the same, how we can remove/hide videos from specific folder to appear in the Up Next List?
I don’t want to disable completely the Up Next List to only hide 5 videos.