Exact matching on moviedb

Is there a way to name a movie so the only returned match is exactly the same as the name.
Example: Shaolin (2011) returns Shaolin Warriors Show
Because its from the same year and is returned first. (I know I can fix this manually afterwards but i try to maximize automation)
This happens on a number of movies. It would be great if you somehow could specify that the file name is the exact title.
Another issue is with languages.
Example: Conan the Barbarian (2011) returns the movie from 1982. My guess because its the only one with a swedish translation of the two.
Obviously I like Arnold, but thats silly. (Know i can turn of swedish as prefered language but i kinda like it)
But this is not possible right?

I reported Shaolin. Looks like warriors show shouldn’t exist. Not sure what to do about the others though. Infuse just takes the order that themoviedb gives when you search which is based on popularity I believe.

Infuse will use the order provided by TMDb, and in some cases can return odd results even when using the year. EG conan the barbarian — The Movie Database (TMDb)

You can resolve this by using the Edit option in Infuse to select the correct title. However, if you really don’t want to do any manual corrections there is a trick that can be used for many titles, and that is to use one of the foreign titles in the filename.

For example, you can use Conan El Barbaro 2011.mkv and Infuse will get the title you want, automatically. Metadata in Infuse will be displayed in your language, and not the language of the filename.

You can view the translated titles on TMDb by logging in and viewing the Edit tab, or by browsing via the Changes tab without being logged in.

Thanks for the reply, thought as much.
Maybe in a distant future there will be some inteligence in handling the answers or perhaps using file name “flags” for Ex. languages, Etc.
Who knows.
Have a nice weekend!

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