Everything works but Boxee/HULU video

Everything on my appletv with aTv and boxee works fine except hulu video.

Boxee/Hulu worked fine on aTV release 3 but as soon as I upgraded to release 4 the video on hulu would, after some screen flashing, wind up as one small white square in the middle of the screen. The time bar line shows that it thinks it is playing the video

Other video applications under boxee (like revision 3) work fine and all the audio apps I have tried work fine.

I have read a lot about a convoluted installation of flash but I didn’t have to do that on aTV release 3 to make boxee/hulu video work

Anyone else have this problem? Has hulu fixed it so it will not run at all under boxee?


I checked the referenced viewtopic. I never had to install the apple tiger module when just using Boxee/hulu. That was a requirement if you tried to watch hulu.com via the aTV included web browser.

In any event, entries in the viewtopic showed that even after the steps described were taken hulu video was still not displaying.

As to the maintenance suggestion,I have been doing both the “plugin maintenance” updates and the Boxee “download panel” updates each time hoping that this update will fix the problem.

Maybe next time.