Everything works after install except mounting drives.

So I followed the very helpful video step by step. Everything is running fine. However after I successfully mount the FAT32 formatted hard drive that is attached to my Time Capsule, when I go to enter that drive under Nitto, my ATV reboots. Every single time. BOO!

I am presented with the recovery screen and I chose to just continue on and get back to the Finder.

Anyone else run in to this issue and have a solution? All my videos are on that external drive connected to my TC, I need to get it working.

Thanks for any help.

It may have accidentally been marked as a photos folder.

You may try highlighting the drive, pressing the right arrow (>>) to bring up the options menu, and choose to make/unmark as photos.

One mistake in my steps…after I save the mount, before I mount it, the mount name is NOT “FILES” as I selected, it’s actually the Time Capsule.local name. This is also why I am not able to “right arrow” on the mount to verify whether or not it got mounted incorrectly as a “PHOTO” mount.

It seems to remount the Time Capsule as itself. This would explain why the ATV resets when I try to go in to Nitto-Files…it has no idea what to make of that wacky share.