Everything we need... Speed & Stability


I use aTV Flash since the first day I bought the AppleTV, and I have to say that the AppleTV is perfect for what I need (I can connect it to an old TV, watch all my movies, access my music, photos, etc) and for my opinion, new things will be nice (I really appreciate Airplay) but all I'm asking for: Speed & Stability, I know that some apps like XBMC and boxee can't access the video card (I don't know if it is impossible or hasn't been achieved) but I think that the users of aTV Flash Silver are fine with the actual features, but we'd like less bugs, and a faster system, to name some few things, the main menu is laggy when you pass over the Browser or the nitoTV tab, the "Repair AppleTV" button doesn't work for me, and the HD movies (even converted specially for the AppleTV) are buggy in all the players (XBMC, boxee, MPlayer, etc) and sometimes, the SD movies have that problem too.

I appreciate your work and the fantastic features that you put in the AppleTV, and I think the only (or the most important thing) that we'd like to see, is a faster system, I know the AppleTV isn't the fastest machine, but every second we can gain or a better reproducction, will be highly appreciated.


For $100 purchase of Apple TV 2, and the use of Greenpoisen to jailbrake the apple TV 2, which then installed XBMC on it, you get a new platform that is having rapid development and fast corrections.


Sell your old Apple TV 1 online (assume the 40GB version) for $70 on amazon or Ebay, and you end up with a $30 investment.


The comments here are valid.  

Some of us don’t care for the fancy activities beyond the quality of our playback, but its really REALLY getting irritating to have to pull the power plug EVERY TIME we cannot exit XMBC and the ATV 1 does not go to standby or respond to the remote.

IF you could at least fix the Disk Repair function to give us some tool to figure what is going wrong, or if we have a buggy file somewhere, we would appreciate it.