Everything was working, now script errors on all add-ons


I was able to jailbreak, and install all the firecore software. I installed xbmc and some add-ons. Ice etc. Ice was working, pulled up a couple of TV programs. Sent home with sister, now Im getting script errors for every add-on. Firmware is 4.3. Anyone have any idea what could have happened? I have tried updating all nito, firecore software, including xbmc and add-ons after deleting them 1st. No luck. I wanted to restore ATV2, however it will update to new IOS which is a tethered boot as of right now. Is there a way to restore to a previous version (ie: 4.3)??


Any other thoughts of things to try?

Thank you


I was having issues with atv and xbmc installed at the same time. I uninstalled xbmc about a month ago and decided to live without it until xbmc is 4.4 compatible. I was looking around on the xbmc site, and they said it and atv media player weren’t playing well together for a while. It sucks because I love the xbmc add-ins, but the experience in atv flash for showing your own content is better IMO.