Everything suggestion I can think of

I know that some of these ideas have already been mentioned, and your 2.0 update may already have these options installed, but here’s what I would like to see what this app:



  • slide for forward/back (placing you finger on the screen and sliding to the right fast forwards (scrubs) the video, and to the left rewinds it)
  • tapping the screen while playing a video pauses it, and another tap plays. (this makes it easy to stop it when something/someone requires your attention)
  • sliding your finger up increases the volume, and down decreases it
  • allow an option to set how far the video fast forwards/rewinds when you swipe across (by increments of 10 seconds)

(of course two of my ideas contradict themselves, with one option being the ability to set how much time is passed when swipping and the other being the ability to scrub forward/back while dragging your finger left or right across the screen. I would love the ability to have both options in there, with a quick swipe the predesignated time lapse and the scrubing motion a more precise option, but at the very least I would like the option to choose which one I could use. But then again, if I absolutely could only have one of those options I would much rather be able to scrub the video forward or back, it’s much more precise when finding where you want in the movie.)

  • metadata that can be searched/inserted into the title. 
  • ability to merge videos into a folder/season (sometimes my tv show will show up as multiple videos instead of merging into one season, I would like the option to put them together at will)
  • a way to show which episode you're on, or which ones you've already seen
  • a fix that allows you to continue where you left off, even if you stop halfway through a video, start another one, and then go back to the first one it should remember where you were.



That’s all I can think of for now, I may update it when I can think of anything else. Please let me know if any of these are unfeasable so I know what is impossible and what isn’t!

Thanks for your suggestions. A few thoughts are below.

One thing we have been working on is imporved scrubbing and more flexible gesture control, and we hope to have these available sometime after Infuse 2 becomes available in the App Store.

This is planned for an upcoming version.

Infuse currently features auto-grouping by season, and we are hoping to add folders at some point down the road as well.

Coming in Infuse 2. :slight_smile:

This is actually a bug, that we think has been squashed in Infuse 2.

I’m a newbie user of Infuse, and really like the app. I agree with many of the requests in this post (and also notice that many are included in Infuse 2).

However, I would like to extend on the remark on this request:

    You state this is included in Infuse 2. True, but I think it could be made more clear.

    • How about showing an indicator already on the overview (not only on the detailed view) of progress?
    • In the "Season view", it would be good to have a visual indicator on the episode number, to show if it has been viewed (or partly viewed).


    In addition; I would very much like an easier way to delete episode and movies.

    • For instance, I could see great benefit in a feature to "Delete all watched episodes/movies" in one go
    • and/or, allow for enabling auto-delete of watched episodes (either direct after watching, or with some delay - if you want to review the last minute again).

    Just wanted to bump this thread to hear if any of my additional ideas are considered.

    We are looking into a few of these, and I’ll try and reply back when we have a bit more info on how we plan to tackle them. :slight_smile:

    Now that your update has come in (as well as a patch), I would like to update my list of fixes I would like to see.

    First, I like to watch a lot of TV shows. I’ve noticed that when I have a few minutes left in the video and I close the app and later come back to it, Infuse will tell me that the video was completed, forcing me to go back to the last few minutes of the video and find my place to finish it.

    Next, I would like an option to auto-delete the video when finished. Preferably it would be nice to have it as an option that pops up when the video finishes asking if I would like to ‘delete’ or ‘keep’ the file, which will save me a little time clearing up space on my phone to make room for the next batch of videos coming in to the app.

    Next, I’ve noticed that you can change the speed of subtitles to make them match the video, but the audio options are almost non-existant. Is there any way you can add a few options to offset the time of the audio as well, just in case my file is a bit off by a few seconds?

    I would also like a way to search either imdb or thetvdb to find the metadata for my video files. Infuse is almost always spot on when finding which show or movie I have, but sometimes it can’t find the metadata because of a symbol that’s used in the title that can’t be incorporated into the file name.


    Keep up the great work and thanks for vigilantly keeping up with your customers in the forums!!!

    I am reasonably certain that this behavior is by dsign.  Personally I like the fact that if I stop a video playing near the end (which typically means that the credits have started) I do not have to go back to mark the item as watched.

    I agree that it’s a nice feature, but it also does the same with regular video files as well. Most of my videos have no credits at the end, and when they do infuse can only take a guess as to when they start and it’s usually wrong. I realize it’s a small detail but it’s still annoying to have a minute or two left to watch and you have to go back in and find where you left off. The end of a show is usually the climax and if you miss it it’s kind of a big deal when moving forward. Same with movies.