Everything Installed

I have installed everything on my apple TV 2 (Black). All worked flawlessly. I set up xbmc and plex, all ran perfectly. I then took the unit upstairs to our main t.v. Now all I get is the flashing light and the silver apple logo. Brought the unit back down and tried to teather boot. Worked ok, took it back upstairs nothing. As soon as I unplug the unit, all seems to be lost. Can someone help??



You can NOT! unplug the unit.

You must always have power to it other wise you will have to start over again with the tether.

This is the same situation I'm in. I don't have a Macbook and my workstation is two floors away from the media room where my ATVg2 will end up. Right now, I have to wait for an untethered solution to jailbreak (under Windows would be more convenient...another wait). I do have Mac OS X running in a virtual machine as well but that is also on my main workstation in the office. Waiting patiently...