Everything erased again

After the latest update all my library was erased again, as well as all the nice pictures that I am using for my sources.
Autoload for screensavers has been switched to off long before.

Just to clarify, what version number?

7.4.8 (4299)
I don’t have influence in the versions. It’s making an update, and that’s it.

And now it reloads and Scans again. I thought that wouldn’t happen anymore.

Just a heads up, there’s a new release 7.4.9 that may help a bit with iCloud sync and storage.

Ok, i manually updated to that version. Why isn’t atv doing this by itself?
Ok, anyway, thx.

I’m not sure what the magic formula is for the ATV but I’ve seen it go almost a week after an update was available before it did it on it’s own. Now I just keep track of the releases myself and when they hit I do it manually.

I hope this helps your situation!

Thx, if it helps will become clear after the next update :joy:

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Download “TV Info” from the ATV App Store - it will tell you how much bloated space the archaic Infuse DB is using on your ATV. Basically a 32gb ATV will struggle if you have more than a few apps on you ATV because if you have a large library then it can use between 12 and 17gb !!! Yup …… and until the developers realise that the DB needs to be stored on the NAS this issue (which is already historic) will get worse and worse. I had to upgrade ALL my ATV to 64gb some time ago and now the latest is 128gb - however, the DB STILL needs to be on the NAS (which would also negate the need to wait nearly a full 24hours before it gets repopulated after a wipeout ! The issue is nearly as old as all of us wanting proper ratings on movies loool …… with the developers continuing to pander to users with 24 speakers who need custom collections for all their Marvel Universe Collections …… go figure !

Extra large, like 100k maybe. But that is the minority of users. For most users it is most likely some other app or collateral. Infuse is not generally the cause of the clearing but the victim.

Absolute rubbish - there are a LOT of us that have large libraries using Infuse in the way it was always intended AND on the DEVICE it was always intended for - The ATV !!! Now it’s more about the IOS users with their 12 movies (unless they are one of the Marvel nerds) …… FACT - it’s ALWAYS the infuse DB that will get wiped as NOTHING - NO APP - uses as much space as the Infuse DB. I have a 40TB DB of 5,000 movies and 60,000 TV episodes - and I am certainly NOT in the minority - finally the lack of beta Testers who actually know HOW TO beta test are the ones in the minority - it will continue to be an issue - cest la vie.