everyone getting the "not eligible blah blah blah"

i never got this message, not even 10 mins ago when i restored mine to stock 4.0. where did you get your ipsw file from? was it from apple, or did you find it somewhere on the internet? mine was directly from apple a couple weeks ago when i jailbroke for the first time. maybe you file is bad.

i have an idea, but i need a volunteer. i will email someone MY copy of the 4.0 firmware and walk you through the JB process with that. 

my device in JBed, with firecores package installed. 

Any takers?

I'm game. How do you want to do this?

i sent you a pm, i need your email (you may want to pm it back to me). where did you get your ipsw? here on FireCores site?

also, are you sure you are only on 4.0 (ipsw file will say 4.1)?

ok he is not responding.. any one else want to try this? just pm me your email address and we can get started. i am interested to see if that is the issue.

I’m up for it and can try it now…i’ll register here and send you a pm with my email

ok ill be here.

pm sent

ok, haha i didnt think about it, but i t is too large to email.... i have to find a way to zip it up, and send it.

i have an ftp you can use to upload it if you want

sure lets do that. where to?

sending pm now

i got the same problem , any chance i can to have the 4.0 psw ? 

once i get it, i will share it if it works like we think

Thanks!. I have also same problem. pl share the file with us.

Unfortuantely if you've updated your AppleTV to 4.1 (iOS 4.2.1) you won't be able to go back to 4.0 - you will get the 'this AppleTV is not elgible for this version' message.

The only exception to this is if you backed up your 'SHSH blobs' before upgrading.

We're planning to have a 4.1 compatible version soon. Sorry for the confusion.

any luck on this test, i am really interested to see it working.... keep us updated guys.

the member i am working with says he is on the original firmware.

yep...4.0 so we shall see....

Hmm ok - you may do a quick double check to ensure the AppleTV didn't auto-update itself. Settings --> General --> About.