Every 5 seconds buffering on Iphone and ipad

I use Infuse to play videos from my NAS on ATV, iPad and iPhone. Used to work perfectly.

However since last week it still works perfectly on ATV, but on iPad and iPhone video is not watchable: every 5 seconds it is buffering for half a minute.

As the problem does not occur on ATV, it seems the Synology NAS is not the problem.
As it occurs on both iPad and iPhone it does not seem to be a problem with the devices.

Someone any clue?


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You may want to run a complete speed test one one of the videos that is exhibiting the problem and post the results here. Also a screen cap of the graph screen may help.

Thanks for the tip. I rebooted the orbi router and that seemed to solve the problem for now. See attached the test after the reboot. What would be ok values?


Those are on that page at the bottom I linked to above. :wink:


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You might want to look at installing Voxel’s third party firmware for your Orbi. I use to have an Orbi system and the official netgear firmware always had issues (memory leaks requiring reboots, disconnects on IoT devices and cameras etc). Voxels firmware is way more stable. The only drawback to installing it is you can can temporarily brick your router if you’re not paying attention to the instructions (easy fix) and when I ran it the parental controls didn’t work (not a problem for me as I don’t have kids).

Hey @JarvisMeier , do you know if you can revert to factory default Netgear firmware once you have made the leap to Voxel? Just considering options …

Yep you can. It might enter a brick state but it can be brought out using a paper clip reset trick and connecting up via Ethernet and flashing factory firmware a second time. Again it’s been a few years so maybe voxel fixed this issue.

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