Ever true Dolby hd.?

Well frist, Ive been using Infuse since day one. And i a big fan, but after i Got a atmos setup i tried a shield. Love that i does true hd atmos, but actually hate everything else. Infuse got me hooked;).
Know there a new Apple TV on it’s way i think it’s time apple embrassed true hd. I mean, even Sonos made an atmos soundbar, so i think theres a hope for Apple;).

What is your opinion?

It’s not going to happen unless Apple decides to embrace TrueHD in iTunes which is very unlikely. The AppleTV is just a way to sell their services.

Well thats a good point.

On the other hand, Android doesnt have a streaming service with hd Sound right?

Google makes their money by selling your data. Different marketing model. Android is also free and can be installed on whatever device you want. It’s also open for modification. It’s really comparing apples to oranges. Google also doesn’t control the hardware.

That being said look at the amazon fire devices… they don’t support bitstreaming either.

The raspberry Pi devices don’t do bitstreamed Dolby atmos/TrueHD either and they run on Linux.