Yeah sorry i did’nt see that there Werder 2 pages… Sorry :slight_smile:

I should note AppleTV 2 stuff such as XBMC is currently broken. So you may want to hold back on updating until your favorite tweaks are updated and available.”


Highly doubt that with evasi0n software.

And your doubts are wrongly placed. I used this method:

Open seas0npass and do ctrl+click or option+click and select the 6.0.1 IPSW. This will create a TETHERED jailbreak.

Then once that is done, SSH as root into the device and run this command:

apt-get install com.evad3rs.evasi0n

Once completed, the untether is installed and will reboot without need for Mac/PC.


I get:


E: Couldn’t find package com.evad3rs.evasi0n


when I run the command.

More info here.