Euphoria (US) Special not recognized

I am following the tvdb format but the new “Euphoria.US/Season.0/ Euphoria.US.S00E01.mkv” is not being recognized and for some reason when I search for Euphoria US I get no results (I think Infuse is identifying it as a movie). Any thoughts on how to fix this?

I just tested the file name “Euphoria US S00E01.mkv” and it picked it right up with the correct metadata.

One thing I noticed is you have your season folder as “Season.0” could you try “Season.00” and see if that makes a difference?

I use spaces instead of periods but that shouldn’t matter.

Damn, I must have been cross eyed. The season and file numbers were swapped in the file name. My bad but thank you for being here and ready to help @NC_Bullseye !

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Glad you got it working. Any time I can help someone keep their cuss jar empty is a win.

I know how it goes trying to figure out these things, after hours of renames and then realizing you have the thing misspelled or an extra number things seem to be crazy until the Ahh Ha moment. :smile:

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