Ethernet v. WiFi

I currently have a nice setup working fine.  (ATV2, Flash, WiFi connection to Apple Airport Extreme with USB HD for media store).  Streaming works well with little to no buffering, and I’m even able to stream dvd rips directly with buffering only when navigating the dvd menu as it fetches the next part.  We also use the ATV2 for netflix streaming and as a speaker to our iTunes music library.

That said:  I’m wondering if it would be worth the hassle for me to install Ethernet cabling from my ATV location to the router.  It would involve drilling thru a floor in 2 places to take the cable down to the basement, across a ceiling and back up, and investing in about 100’ of cable.

Would I see much benefit beyond the occasional buffering being resolved (or maybe it would still do that?)  And if i DO install the cable, is there a setting in the ATV for wireless that I would need to disable or does it automatically recognize a wired connection and switch to it appropriately.


I’ll probably go ahead and wire the cat5, but thought I’d ask if I’d see or have much benefit on a system that works fine over wifi.




I notice a big difference in buffering between wifi and cabled network, but my wifi signal strength is not all that strong where the ATV2 sits.


You could always run a cable “cross-country ugly” across the floor to see if it’s worth a permanent, descrete install for you or not.