Ethernet port not working after jailbreak

I sucessfully completed jailbreak using seasonpass on 4.3, i was able to connect fine via wifi, ssh’ed in installed nitoTv, then XBMC , now i tried plugging up my ethernet but it’s not working. seems like the ethernet port is not active at all. Is this normal ?



Never heard of this symptom before?

Are you sure it works before you jailbreak?

i didn’t try it out before the jailbreak, i will try a regular itunes restore to factory, then test it out, maybe try another cable too. i wanted to avoid restoring if possible since already jailbroken. i know the cable is good because i use it to connect my regular TV to network and it works fine, but you never know. i have it going from a router to a switch, then to ATV2 , i wonder if that could be a problem as well ?