Ethernet Connection

Running ATV 2.1 ( 2.0.2 prior to yesterday) on my APTV2 with sw 5.0.1.  I plug a working ethernet cable into the APTV and it is not recognized.  I can’t find answer as to whether an ethernet connection is possible with my setup.  Support has suggested I re-jailbreak but am concerned I might ruin what I have.  WiFi works but has buffering that I’d like to eliminate with hardwire ethernet connection.  Can anyone suggest whether it would be worth the trouble to re-jailbreak.  Running iTunes 11 on my PC which is another reason I have concern to try.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

Can anyone tell me if they’re using an Ethernet connection on their jb’d aptv2? Support can’t seem to answer. Any help would be appreciated.

I assume you mean a wired connection rather than a Wifi one? If so then yes I use that all the time. I believe a wired connection is the recommended way to go for best performance. If your system is not recognising a wired connection that suggests a hardware fault of some sort.

Thanks for the confirmation that it should work.  As previously stated, by the APTV2 menu it should just work when I plug it in but no change occurs.  Do I need to manually disable WiFi in some way or would you suggest I re-jailbreak?  Just looking for a suggestion before I make matters worse!  Thanks for the reply and any additional help would be appreciated.

When I plug in a wired connection it automatically takes over from a WiFi connection without me doing anything.    The fact that you see no reaction to plugging in the cable strongly suggests a hardware problem (either the ATV2 or the cable).

You could try re-jailbreaking, but I would be surprised if it had any effect.   In fact putting back the standard Apple software would be a useful diagnostic step as if the wired connection does not work in that case you definitely have a hardware problem.

I have 3 apple tvs, just yesterday 2 stopped working over the wired connection. Wifi works fine. Weird, can’t figure it it out. Strange thing is Local network is just fine (media player) however nothing else works… No Netflix on wired connection.

EricV - Is there a difference between the two not working from the one that still is?  SW version, etc…  Are they all jail broken?  Your situation may help me resolve mine.  Reading information outside this forum suggests Apple SW 5.1.1 created ethernet issues but that is on non jail broken units.  May still be a link to resolution.  I’m hesitant to try to re jail break with all the iTune 11 problems and at least my WiFi works OK.  Just would love to have faster ethernet hard wired connection to eliminate some of the buffering I experience with WiFi.  Let me know if you find anything that might help.  Thanks.

All were jailbroken with the same version of Seas0npass and have the updated version of aTV Flash. I even plugged them into the same cable that the working AppleTV is plugged into, no dice.

In case anyone encounters this problem. I opened iTunes (unsure if that had anything to do with solving).

I took my known working ethernet connection which wasn’t previously recognized when I plugged into my APTV, plugged it into a netgear FS105 switch, took patch cable out of switch, into the APTV, and bam, APTV connected through the ethernet connection. Disconnected, plugged the same connection that previously didn’t work and it worked fine. Apparently the switch gave it a boost to wake my APTV up. All working now.

Interesting, both my AppleTVs just started working yesterday again. No kidding. @sdi, thanks for fixing them.