Ethernet Cable (newbee)

Be gentle. I have an older D Link router that is making my stream thru boxee of DVD (.vob/Video Ts folder) become choppy. One of them played fine the other day so I am thinking its the network stream. The router is in my basement and my ATV is one floor up. Would a new Apple router be fix or will a 200 ft ethernet cable from the router to the ATV be better? My music and videos are on an exteral but its in NTSC (whatever) format. If I make it Fat it will erase everything which is not an option?

So will a direct cable let me still read the network via boxee or a better router.

TY in advance.


An ethernet cable will always provide a stronger connection than wifi…but I don’t know how practical running a 200ft cable is.

But would you say the choppy video (audio is fine) is a router issue?

Also…with an external hardrive. I need to get one that is FAT. Does it really erase it when you connect it to ATV? Also my ITunes and other non apple files are on my old C drive and another exteral. So I am a little confused with the Maintence/Itunes and setting it eternal… it says it reformats the drive and then pulls ITunes files to the new drive…what about other stuff )DVD ect?


A Cat5 Ethernet cable can maintain 100Mbps speed up to 100 meters. If your D-Link router is 10/100 you should have a good connectivity between your Apple TV and your other devices. Keep in mind that if your data resides on a Windows or Apple box, and you use that machine for other purposes, your data transfer rate will be limited not only by the router but also by the processes that run on your machine. I used to have all music and video files on a Windows box but I decided to move everything to a NAS (WD MyBook World). You can also make a small Linux for NAS purposes only. If you plan to go on that direction and recommend you either by two (2) NAS devices and synchronize them, or go with a RAID setup on just one. You never know how long a hard disk will last.

BTW, I also have problems with Nito when it plays ripped DVDs (IFO). I decided to switch full time to XBMC and everything runs perfect.

Long Life!!!