ETA on 'Go Beyond ITunes'?

Any idea when 'Go Beyond ITunes' will be available? I emailed FireCore directly and was told "this month". Well, that was...last month. I obviously can't be too prickly in my impatience, because aTV Flash is afterall in 'Beta'. But by the same token, a lot of companies wouldn't charge for their Beta offerings. Having alreadly parted with money for aTV Flash (Beta or not), I've thus far found it not only bitterly disappointing, but completely useless. To elaborate...

I think you only realise just how much online video is Flash-based (as opposed to, say, HTML 5) when you try to use something like Couch Surfer. It's one thing a device like an IPhone (for example) not supporting embedded Flash, but still providing a kick-ass dedicated 'Youtube' app; Apple TV has a YouTube facility too, but for the kind of longer videos you might want to watch from your 'Couch', on your telly, no site I stream regularly from would work with Couch Surfer. Every single one of them was flash-based under-the-hood (which I wouldn't have had cause to wonder about prior).

Last.FM was a washout too, providing me with a blunt 'Not Available on this Device in your Country' message.

Plex gave me the promise of not having to wait for 'Go Beyond ITunes', but whilst it installed fine and impressed me with its slick menus, seamlessly integrating with the library on my MacBook, it uniformly crashes the Apple TV every time I try to play a video.

I've had similar glitches and lack of success with NitoTV (e.g. trying to add RSS feeds crashes Apple TV) and XBMC, such that the Apple TV itself now fails when I try to have it update its own software (which I was attempting to see if it would resolve any of the above issues). The Apple TV also seems to have developed a new habit of crashing itself even when I'm not apparently doing anything taxing, which I can't conclusively link to aTV Flash or any plugin particular, but one (or more) of them are sure as hell responsible.

I'll admit, the only feature that really grabbed my attention about aTV Flash in the first place, is 'Go Beyond ITunes', with its promise of not having to suffer lengthy conversions of downloaded content into MP4 format and even lengthier imports into ITunes. But nevertheless, to pay for a product (again, Beta or not) and find pretty much nothing in working order has been an underwhelming waste of several fruitless hours. Literally, all I have to show for my endeavours is a newly unstable Apple TV, and an ability to browse a (Flashless) web through Couch Surfer, which isn't something I've ever craved to be able to do through my telly in the first place.

Hopefully 'Go Beyond ITunes' will work like a dream and banish today's glut of dead-ends from memory. Anyone have an ETA?

The streaming player feature is taking a bit longer to complete than originally anticipated, but we've made great progress in recent weeks so it's looking like the initial release won't be too far off.

You can follow progress on our blog, or Twitter.

Why aren't you guys pushing an "alpha" to satisfy the customers?
I mean come on, almost every kick-ass features that is available is not from you guys:
- Greenpois0n RC6 jailbreak
- NitoTV

And I haven't even paid those guys to do it, I dit pay you guys!

I guess my/our wish has been heard :D "While this feature has taken a bit longer to complete than originally anticipated we plan to have a preview 'alpha' version (with support for a limited number of file types) available next week. It's taken a lot of work to get this far and we sincerely appreciate your patience."

Too bad the media player is only compatible with AFP-shares.

Since I have a Windows Home Server this is a no go.

You almost made my day/weekend.

Sorry. SMB support will be added soon.

Again you guys could've made my weekend!

Too bad still no SMB.