ETA for 5.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak?

I have been checking the site and web everyday (several times a day) to see if an untethered jailbreak has been created for firmware 5.2.1.  I was wondering if the FireCore Staff or the Community know if one is in the making, and if so what the ETA is likely to be?

Are the FireCore Staff dependent on the likes of the Evad3rs (forgive me if that’s not the case)?  If so I read recently that they and/or their ex-member has found the necessary exploits but is saving them for iOS 7/7.1

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, as the tethered boot for 5.2.1 doesn’t work for me based on the location of my PC from my Atv2/TV.

I honestly don’t think we will see an untether until 7.1. Firecore doesn’t jailbreak anything we have to wait for the devs to find a new jailbreak.

Damn :(  I thought that was the case, and agree that those devs aren’t looking to waste their new exploits on a point release, which is understandable, as there are only so many.

If Apple DEVs are reading this forum then Apple won’t bring 7.1 and all those non jailbroken Apple TV2 Untethered will be R.I.P.

Sorry but I totally disagree with you.  Firstly this has been splashed all over the web.  Secondly Apple will definitely bring out iOS 7, 8, 9 and so on, regardless of jailbreaking, as they have done for years gone by, why?  Because if a technology company stands still and doesn’t change with the times, and demands of its customers, they will loose out to their competitors (Business 101).  Thirdly, Apple Dev’s rely on hackers to exploit their OS in order to patch them, because most hackers are more knowledgeable than the Apple Dev’s in the first place.  Why?  Because if the Apple Dev’s were that good, there wouldn’t be any exploits in the first place!!!

So regardless of this forum (topic), jail breaking will still continue, as will patching (the same for Microsoft Windows, which is why we still get security fixes as part of our updates).  Though exploits are becoming harder to find, thus they don’t want to waste them on point releases, but wait for more “wow factor” additions to the OS.

Please don’t foget that Apple has Trillion dollars, very good and big IT and strong team of lawyers. If Apple Lawyer’s sent one letter to Firecore and other forums for the litigation then all of these forums will be gone in overnight, just like old days of hacking DirecTV and Dishnetwork forum’s domain names were taken over and slapped multi millions dollars lawsuits. 

Don’t forget DMCA, noone wants to watch free tv buddy…


With the utmost respect, how did you come to this site???  Because you were looking for a jailbreak, etc.  This was prior to my topic/posts.  As a result, do you really think Apple haven’t already looked at this website???  If you believe that is the case, then you are very naive!  Jailbreaking is not against the law in many countries (this includes the EU and US), and if it was, then FireCore would not be here at present.  Also the Staff at FireCore wouldn’t be so dumb to publicise themselves to the world and risk incarceration.

As I said (with the utmost respect) my topic/posts are no more a highlight to jailbreaking than any of the other topics within the “jailbreaking” forum!!!


Wrong buddy, please check law. This is GREY Area and  it won’t take too long to become a illegal. I am not talking about Phone Unlocking. Talking about watching free movies, tv shows, PPV UFC Fights on Apple TV2.


Arhhh, but watching free movies, tv shows , etc is nothing to do with jailbreaking.  Jailbreaking is to simply unlock the device.  Hence FireCore nor any other hacker of the iOS can take responsibility for what the end user does with their device after jailbroken.  In a court of law that wouldn’t hold. 

I hope you are right!

Time will tell.

When its crackdown begun then you may have rights to defend.

Argue at that time buddy.

Also XBMC don’t want to talk about or supporting add ons. Please read their description carefully.

Well xbmc is what people use to watch the free movies and TV shows, so there’s really no problem. You are saying that xbmc can take no responsibility fir the addons and plugins. So why would hackers have to take responsibility for people who install xbmc on their Apple TV and then install the addons.

Also not everyone uses a jail broken Apple TV to watch free movies and TV shows.

Better get advice from your lawyer…


JREED you really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.  You are simply spouting garbage and trolling these forums.  I think you really need to do your research before putting your hands on the keyboard in this forum.


Please cite the exact Federal law that makes jailbreaking illegal, I’m very curious of this particular law you are citing.

Not talking about garbage. I already got officially advised and authority declared as this is Grey Area, just like old satellite days. You better get advice from your local authority and find out or my best advice to get advice from lawyer.

Just call local authority or get advice from your lawyer and they will give you best advice but don’t forget to mentioned that after jailbreaking I am watching brand new movies, tv shows, or watching much better shows then NetFlix. My lawyer advice was when I buy a knife is not illegal but when I stabbed or kill some one then is crime. Jailbreaking device could be false in illegal criteria, after jail breaking device we are not using jailbroken device for any good legal purpose but now you and we all needs to guess what we are doing with it. Knife is very good example, knife goes in the kitchen and using it for the cooking purpose.

Imagine about trial judge ask what is the purpose of jail breaking and why and what are the best benefits? you better come up with good answer to convince the judge. At that time forum or members or other hackers won’t be there to help out.

Firstly you haven’t answered his question to “cite the exact federal law”, instead you have “supposedly visited your lawyer” (yeh right!!!) who has used the most stupid example of comparing a knife to a technology exploit!  I hope to God you never have to use him in real life, because you would probably be playing “where’s the soap” in the prison showers within 5 minutes of entering the court room.

Secondly I have done a 30 second Google search and the first hit was this: I’m sure if I spent 10 minutes I would find many more.

Thirdly I want to jailbreak my Apple TV to watch BBC iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD, etc.  At present I can only watch these via my PC or laptop, but would prefer watching them on the best screen in the house…  MY TV.  None of these even after jailbreaking are illegal activities.  This is just an example of many legal reasons to want to jailbreak the Apple TV.

Once again you have shown that you know nothing, and ARE speaking garbage.  As I said before, I highly recommend you do your research before putting your hands on the keyboard.


Here is a good read that looks at both sides of the fence:

Let’s assume we side on the safe side and then JB the ATV and we install XBMC an open source free program which is installed on millions of devices that don’t need to be jailbroken in the first place. Looks safe so far.

Then we “buy the knife” and install certain repositories that would enable us essentially to point the ATV to websites that may or may not contain copy righted material. At this point the burden of watching certain copy righted material would fall on the site owner to remove said protected material if the original owner of the material contacts this site and asks for the CR content to be removed. So if we use the Apple TV to look at CR material from this site with XBMC we are not breaking any specific law now are we?? Is it illegal to look at a New Movie Release playing in public at your local store selling the new DVD? They aren’t really suppose to do this but it does happen!

So at this point I really don’t think anyone has been wounded with our “knife”


NO end user will ever be taken to court and prosecuted for being smart enough to manipulate their wonderful little black puck to access certain material with XBMC. Nope it will never happen in a million years. Now the web sites we access may go down or the files may go away, but a private citizen will never need to worry when they answer their door bell after they just pressed pause on their aluminum remote! 

So all forum members can safely remove their tin foil hats!!

Back on topic…I for one am waiting for the un-tethered JB. Personally I would imagine we will see this in the next week or two and I am patiently waiting for it and will utilize it many times in the future and I will also sleep very soundly and comfortably at night after use.

Best Regards to FireCore!!