ESPN3 on aTv Flash (black)?

Is it possible to watch ESPN3 on the aTV Flash (black)? That would be awesome if available? Hulu, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc would be nice too! Am I asking for too much?

Has anybody tried this? I’m getting an apple tv for Christmas, and I’m curious if I jailbreak and flash it if I can watch this type of content.

I have a new apple tv with the ATVBlack installed.

I'm able to surf the net, stream from netflix and youtube.

Hulu is not yet supported neither espn 3.

I hear they are working on all of that but at the moment no.

It will defininately be available on the full version though.


These are very exciting times.

Sprinkle in and Fakemylocation app

just use PLAYON on your desktop computer in your home, and you get ESPN3