New to the jailbreak and Atv flash, i have my apple tv2 jail broken and at flash installed with the lastest IOS 5.1and had no problems,I also installed XBMC with no problems and 3rd party plugins with no problem thanks to a lot of research from this site in the support forms and XC TECHS you tube videos…I live in Canada which is the first problem to steam from us & uk. I can’t get Espn3 to work and this was the main reason I jail broke my atv2 because I wanted to steam/watch live sports such as mma & boxing. I’ve been reading about ip address & dns and different programs to hide my Canadian ip address. I guess my question is how do I go about getting around this ip address issue so I can watch sporting events from the US and start steaming Espn3. Also I get the a message when trying to watch Espn : error script fail! :… I’ve look around the forms but can’t seem to find any info on this issue so any help from anybody/somebody would GREATLY BE APPRECIATED.