Escaping out of views

I like the implementation of the Escape key to exit all views. Unfortunately there seems to be a small but rather annoying inconsistency. While escaping from the different views some are skipped over.

Player > Movie Info ( > Movie Set) > Groupings Folders/Single Movies > Files
Here the Groupings Folders/Single Movies view is skipped over.

Player > Episode Info > Seasons > Series > Groupings Folders > Files
Here the Series view is skipped over.

I hope this behavior is not by design…

I can’t seem to replicate this here.

For Movies, if I navigate to: Library > Collections > Alien > Collection details, and press ESC it will walk back through those same pages.

Likewise with TV Shows: Library > All TV Shows > Colony > Season 2 details

Can you elaborate on how you are navigating to a specific item, and which screen is skipped?

Escaping from the player to the Files view.

Movie Info

Movie Set

Groupings Folders/Single Movies (this view is skipped)


TV Shows
Episode Info


Series (this view is skipped)

Groupings Folders


Hmm, here’s a vid of what I’m seeing when browsing via folders.

And here’s mine.

It looks like it’s cycling through the correct screens, so that’s good.

The only thing I can think of is maying the ESC key is sticking? If you hold it down it will continue to cycle through all the screens until it gets to the Home Screen.

If only it were that simple. It’s just short single keystrokes. If the ESC key was sticking, Infuse would probably be skipping at random all over the place. But it is the same view every time.

Maybe you can give it some thought and hopefully the solution will come to you in a dream… :wink:

Just a SWAG but is this an Apple keyboard or aftermarket? Also, where is key repeat set at? Just trying to avert a Homer “DOH” moment. :wink:

All original here: iMac Pro, Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, Magic Trackpad 2.
Key Repeat was set at Fasssssssst, Delay Until Repeat at Short. Thought you were on to something, so I changed Repeat to Off and Delay to Long. Alas, no changes.

At least you eliminated another possible cause. :wink: Thanks for that. :+1:

The weirdest thing, everything is back to normal. No views are skipped anymore, even with Key Repeat set to Fast and Delay Until Repeat set to Short. Also when I hold down the Esc key, Infuse will only escape to the parent window and wait till the Esc is released and pressed again (the expected behavior). All I did was remove the Favorites and add them again. If that did the trick I don’t know, but I’ll take it.

Moving on… :crazy_face:


I’m back… and so are the skips! :woozy_face:

Did some further testing and it turns out you were both right. The problem is related to the keyboard settings after all. But instead of having to change the settings every time I use Infuse, I made two macros with Keyboard Maestro that will do it for me. So Repeat Off/Delay Long when Infuse is launched and Repeat Fast/Delay Short (my preferred setting) when I quit Infuse. It’s a workaround but an automated one. :wink:

Sorry to be a drag, but I felt I had to follow up on my previous post.

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Glad you did! Chances are there will be others that have a similar issue and your legwork will save them a few extra profanities.

As long as we’re not down to blaming “Sunspots and Solarflares” it’s all good. :wink:

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