ErrorCode 0xc000011f

Does anyone know why I keep getting this error and how to fix it? It’s been going on for 14 days and I’ve had a ticket open for 9 days, so starting to get a little frustrated.


Are you using SMB to connect to your file server?

What kind of server are you using?

Yes, SMB 3 and I use Synology DS2415+.

Have you tried the other levels of SMB? You might want to give Legacy a shot and see if that helps. I’m not a Samba engineer but one meaning for that code is when used in SMB for Too Many Open Files.

Maybe one of the other SMB protocols will help but I’m just guessing.

I might try that - thanks. However, it has worked flawless for many, many years until the latest update, so guess there is some connection.

I did notice that it appears that Synology had a update a week or so ago. If your set for auto updates there may be another possibility. Maybe restart the router.

I have now rebooted router, atv4k, ds2415+ and still same problem!

Have you had a chance to try adjusting the SMB version setting, as described here?

Also, can you check min/max SMB version settings current set on your Synology?

I tried the “Legacy” setting mentioned by another user in the forum thread and that seems to have fixed things. Thanks again!

deja vu! Glad you’re back and running! :wink:

I am also having this problem lately, with a synology ds418 play latest dsm (smb2 and above only) and with latest infuse pro on an 4k apple tv Lan connected. I’ve tried several smb options, legacy seem more stable but the playback stutters with that setting (measured speed in the app is abobe 160mbps) so looks like no bw issue. Can you please help with some hints?

Your getting the same error code as in the thread title?

Also, what is your version number of Infuse? When you say the latest it may not be since the latest was released yesterday and your app may have not yet updated.

Yes same error code. The infuse client version is pro 6.3.5 (3026) but I am having this issue since months. I am updating everything regularly so i believe that this behaviour exists long time ago. It is not permanent it happens time to time when I start usung infuse and also happening during browsing the shares, but when a playback is started it is rock stable. When I force close the infuse app on apple tv it is usually solving the issue for some days and then it is back again

I also uploaded a diagnostic log from the client, the code is CNVG1 if someone from the support is reading this, i hope yes :slight_smile:

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