Error with pCloud

I’m getting this issue with pCloud on all my mac devices (Macbook Pro, iPhone, Apple Tv).

After looking into the infuse logs, I realised the real error was "Failed to open stream with pCloud URL.

Mod edit to remove url.

When opening this url on the browser, I got the response “This link was generated for another IP address. Try previous step again.”

Probably there is an issue with the way infuse requests stream-links from pCloud.

Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

Can you try removing the pCloud connection and adding it again?

If the issue persists, please send in a report from your device (and post the code here) so we can look further into this.

Yes the issue persists.

I also sent the logs via the app.

Ticket: #148313

After some testing i’ve realized it is better than before. It mostly works but not always.

@james I’ve noticed you generate stream urls before playing movies, I guess this is to show the covers/thumbnails in video icons. I have the suspition that these urls are faulty.

Steps to reproduce the error:

  1. Open infuse and wait
  2. See in the logs tha some pCloud stream urls fail to be generated
  3. Play the video whose stream failed.
  4. Video can’t play.

@james any updates on this?