Error when submitting Trakt ratings

Happy new year!

I have noticed for a while that Infuse times out with an error when trying to submit a Trakt rating, but the rating still goes through if I check the website. Apparently this issue comes from my DNS based ad and privacy blocker that blocks the domain (by resolving it to I have currently whitelisted this host and my ratings started to work again.

Since the requests to this analytics host do not appear to be mission critical, would it be possible to fail a little more gracefully?


Not sure if it is related but trakt was doing a server update that caused a lot of problems the last couple days.

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Looks like this might have just been a weird coincidence. I no longer see requests to that domain when trying to submit ratings and it’s also back to the broken behavior.

Trakt is currently working through some issues with rating submissions, so hopefully this will be back to normal soon.


Trakt just rolled out a few changes which appear to have resolved this issue.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the update, the problem has indeed been resolved for me as well.

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