Error when playing files from Emby

The private emby mount can recognize the poster and the message, but the play prompt is sent as an error "An error occurred loading this content
This happens in both ios and mac

I guess this could be an issue with the media file availability. You can simply try playing another file from the same source or same file from other sources.

If you can send in a report from your device (Settings > Email Us) and post the 5 digit code here, we can look into this.

I use infuse send an email to your team, and i receive confirm email and i get a ticket number is #140131 , but i doesn’t use this email to registration this forum, so i only can tell you in this.

Welcome to the forum!

Since the thread you’ve posted in is almost a year old it would help if you would tell us what problem you’re having in detail and on what device. Also list what version numbers you are using for both Infuse and your device.

When you send in a report from Infuse it will also give you a 5 character code (that is different from the ticket number code) that you can post here in the forum.

The ticket have a 5 character code ,and my outbox doesn’t find a previously sent email, but I’m sure the content of the email has this 5 character code.

My macOS system version: 11.6
My mac is: Mac mini (M1) 8g ram
My infuse version is : 7.2.1 (7.2.3874), I think this version is the last one released.


I replayed the same video once with macOS and then uploaded the diagnostic report to get this code above, which you can look at. The configuration and version is what I replied to last time.

What error message are you getting and when, or what playback problem are you experiencing? Since the original poster hasn’t responded in almost a year their problem likely was resolved so your basically starting a new issue. The more you can tell us as to what your seeing will help.

I recorded a video where you can clearly see the error message. after I recorded the video above I re-uploaded the diagnostic information once more and the 5-bit code is 5RHHA

When I clicked play, I saw that my network card wasn’t using more bandwidth, so I’m guessing that infuse didn’t bother to download the stream at all.

I’m using this emby server infuse that shows 180k episodes with 10k+ movies, I’ve learned from other discussion groups that it says infuse version 6.x can only handle how big the emby library is, I don’t know if that’s really the case.

One other thing, I’ve submitted a beta test request and I’m more than happy to help test infuse and hope that this issue is well resolved. I’ve seen a lot of people on various Chinese discussion groups having this problem, but their solution has been to roll back to 6.x, but that’s not what I want, so I’d like to get it fixed.

While there are alternatives on macOS, on iOS and Apple TV I think there is no substitute, and infuse is the best experience.