Error watching a video, Zero-ing the file.

I have an AppleTV 4 1080p 64GB, running tvOS 11.0 and Infuse 5.5.5. My Macs are all running High Sierra.
I was watching a mp4 movie and at 24 min it stopped and gave me an error message.
I tried to play again and it asked if I wanted to watch from 24min or start again. I chose 24min. It didn’t start playing for a time. I turned off AppleTV. Tried again, it asked where to begin and I chose 24min. It didn’t start playing, just showed the spinning wheel.
I went to my Mac and opened the folder where my movies are, and the file was there. I tried to play it using a video player, but it didn’t.
When I selected Get Info, the file showed 0 bytes. Empty, nada, zip.

I tried another file and it happened again. I lost two files.

Now I’m afraid to play movies in Apple TV using Infuse.

I have to test with my iPhone and iPad Infuse Pro to if it happens too.

I replaced the file with a back, it has 2.307.345.021 bytes (2,32 GB on disk).
Since it is the same file, when I tried to play again, Apple TV Infuse asked if I wanted to start from 24 min. or from beginning.
I chose 24 min., it didn’t play again. I looked the file and it zeroed it again.
I will try again, but this time will ask to start from beginning.

I think I fixed it, but I have to do more testing.
I deleted all Shares and started all over. Entered the login and password again and redo all my shares.
It is working again. I will report later.

I did not work out. The movie crashed again. But I could see it doesn’t empty the file if I don’t try to play it again. When I do, it empty the file.

Here’s another active thread discussing a similar situation.

Does your Infuse user have read only permission for file sharing or read and write?

This sounds like it may be an issue with High Sierra.