error trying to run boxee

i just updated my system with ATVflash 3.3.2. was very excited to run boxee on my ATV as it rocks on my macbook pro. however, no luck so far. read all boxee related posts here. but no luck - in that no body else seems to have reported this error - save for this post on Boxee forum. but boxee on my system does not even allow me to go into settings – it exits with error before i can even get into boxee settings. and i do not have any external USB drive on my ATV. (if it is relevant – there are a few DVD folders in the frontrow folders to be accessed via the DVD option on the menu).

after upgrading to atvflash 3.3.2, went in and updated boxee, xbmc and launcher software. did this today (oct 23rd). after that when i launch boxee, and try to play anything, it exits with “Error: XBMC/Boxee exited with status: 11”.

i hope that somebody can help me solve this issue. thank you!

I solved my problem by using the solution listed in this post here –
Wish this was already figured out before the atvflash update was posted.

thanks for updating this thread - you just saved me quite a bit of digging. :slight_smile:

oh you are welcome! i feel good that i was of help some time - even if it was by just sharing the link. generally i am the person asking for help :slight_smile: