Error then try to jailbrack

I am doing all steps from jailbrack instruction and in a last step in iTunes DFU mode I opened a custom software than it is verifying from apple and give me error: The Apple TV "name" could not be restored. This device isn`t eligible for the requested build? Any help???? I have a license for aTV Flash but I coudn`t install it.

Are you using a pc or a Mac? What did you use to jailbreak the atv2?

The same here.


Try do get ATV jailbroken using the instructions from the aTV Knowledge Base.


Error in Itunes "this device isn't eligible for the requested build".


Using Mac and Pwnage 4.1.2.


Any suggestions?



Im sorry, since I dont own a Mac I prob wont be much help to you. If you havent already you might take a look at the forum. They have a atv forum with alot of info.

If your trying to jailbreak atv2 iOS 4.1 the jailbreak needed is actully for the 4.2.1. Ios There has hot been one available to jailbreak atv2 4.1 many out there have been confused as I was that the atv2 iOS 4.1 version needs a jailbreak that has not been available yet…hope this helps…

I am using Mac and I think the problem is - I have a 4.2 iOS, no any jailbrack yet. And if tryed to install 4.1 it checked on apple web site and ofcourse said it is not elagebale because they have 4.2