Error streaming content from new HDD

Hi everyone,

I’m not quite sure how to describe my problem, but here goes. I have a 4TB HDD which ran out of space so I purchased a new 10TB HDD and transferred all of the files over.

When opening files on my Mac with the HDD connected, all of the files play with no issues and disk utility states there are no issues with the hard drive.

When plugging the hard drive into my Airport Time Capsule via a USB hub and syncing it with Time Capsule, a majority of the files load and play just fine however when I get to a certain file (Maleficent) all files after it fail to load and Infuse stares an error occurred. I thought my HDD was faulty so I exchanged it for the same one (Seagate), transferred all of my files, and again, Infuse errors out for every file after Maleficent.

Thinking these are crap HDD’s, I returned the Seagate and purchased a 10TB WD HDD. Transferred all of my files, and AGAIN all files after Maleficent fail to load.

When files after Maleficent do happen to “load”, the playtime is stuck at 99:59:59 with no video and the audio is all over the place.

The odd thing is, every single file loads and plays fine on the original 4TB HDD when connected to the Time Capsule/streamed to Infuse as well as from all 3 10TB HDD’s when connected directly to my Mac.

As 3 different HDD’s from 2 different manufactures fail at the same exact place, I’m wondering if this could be an issue with Infuse’s cache or something? I really don’t know what else to try, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :frowning:

Are you connecting via DLNA?

If you stay away from that one file does everything else play without a problem?

Hey there,

I’ve tried deleting Maleficent to see if the file was corrupt and still, every file beyond that point of the hard drive fails to load when streamed over the network. All files prior to this point play over the network flawlessly and every single file continues to play fine when connected directly to my Mac.

It’s almost like the hard drive is timing out once hitting a certain capacity (it’s at around 2TB of the 10TB that this issue happens.) It’s just odd that it was the same point for 3 different HDD’s.

Regarding DLNA, I’m not sure what you mean unfortunately. The hard drives are connected to the time capsule which is added as an SMB share via Infuse.

If you connect the hard drive to the Mac and then connect to the Mac via an SMB share does the file play correctly in Infuse?

I’ll give this a try next. I reformatted the hard drive from Mac OS Extended Journaled to ExFAT to see if it’s maybe just not compatible with 10TB HDD’s for some reason. Currently estimating 12 hours for all of the files to transfer. :smile: I’ll report back tomorrow to see if reformatting resolves the issue or not.

I finally managed to resolve the issue!

After reformatting the drive from Mac OS Extended Journaled to ExFAT, I realized that the Time Capsule refuses to recognize it as it’s only compatible with Mac OS Extended Journaled drives (Apple…).

I reformatted the drive to Mac OS Extended Journaled again, however I changed the name of the drive and main folder inside holding the movie files to a new name (previously I used the same names as the original 4TB HDD). I’m not sure if the issue lies with the iCloud syncing, but after transferring all of the media files over to the newly named and formatted WD HDD, everything plays buttery smooth and as expected.

May be something worth looking into, however for anyone experiencing this same issue I’d highly recommend trying this option.

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