Error Purchasing Special Lifetime Subscription


I was trying purchasing the lifetime subscription - the special offer one (34% off) through my AppleTV and I am getting “Your Purchase Cannot be Completed”.
This has nothing to do with my credit card. I initially thought it might be that, but then I was able to purchase the monthly subscription without issues.
I have attached the screenshots.

Thank you. And once again, fabulous product guys! :slight_smile:

I eventually managed to purchase through my iPhone, no idea why it failed on the AppleTV. The thread can be closed. Thanks.

What? Is there a special offer? It applies in Europe/Italy as well?

Yes, but I think that’s only if you previously purchased v4. See section Upgrading to Infuse 5, point 3: Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing
I can confirm it’s available in Europe too, I bought it here in Italy from the Irish store. I think it’s also available in the Italian store as well.

Aww… It was the upgrade offer. Ok, never mind. thanks!


I have the exact same problem and it did not solve the problem to try to purchase through an iphone?
Both infuse and itunes support can´t find a solution to this problem…
If i go to "manage accounts in apple tv settings i can read that apple and infuse generate a random account ID when purchasing (which i did in form of the monthly package - trial for a week) Maybe this ID should be reset by either infuse or itunes support before i can purchase again?

Anybody expirenced the same problems and managed to find a solution?

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